Reliably Redefining Downtime
For a Carefree Summer

Being interrupted on your well-deserved break because of facility downtime is stressful and annoying. Geist provides products that are 100% tested and reliable, ensuring that downtime in your data center certainly won't be from non-performing PDUs. So, go ahead and give your hard-working soul your own personal, worry-free downtime.

Geist allows you to hit the links, pool or head for the woods with total confidence, safe in the knowledge that we have your back. Manufactured locally and quicker than the competition, delivered in 3-5 days and built to your specification from scratch, our PDUs are truly built for you.

Contest has ended. 

Geist manufacture process:

  • HALT-tested to destruction
  • Every unit 100% tested

Geist Upgradeable PDU product features

  • U-Locks prevent accidental cord removal
  • Daisy-chain capability prevents break in Ethernet reporting
  • Avoid downtime via Redundant Rack PDU

Redefine downtime with Geist products.

Geist PDUs can help redefine your facility downtime, maintaining a functioning data center thanks to our solid product reliability. Get excited to explore your own personal downtime!

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Looking into the five UPS best practices to avoid downtime in your data center? Our latest infographic delivers the best practices so you will soon be able to enjoy downtime outside of the work place.

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A data center is like a finely tuned motor. For it to run smoothly, every individual component must be perfectly calibrated and designed to be able to fail without disrupting critical functionality.

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